Welcome to homeownership!!!! Now that you’ve closed on your home, maybe you’re wondering what’s next. We’ve got you covered! Check out the list below of some of the most common and important steps you don’t want to miss as a new homeowner!

Get Utilities Set Up

Change Your Mailing Address

Post Office, IRS, & vendors who mail bills

Update your Driver’s License, Vehicle Tag, and Voter Registration Cards

Provide your HOA with all your contact information


Receive a copy of your Deed 
Check your mailbox about 2 weeks after you close. Ignore the junk mail offering to get you a copy for a fee. 

File for Homestead Exemption
You have until March 1st of the year following your year of purchase to file and obtain the tax basis discount entitled to you but it’s a good idea to file just as soon as you get that deed in the mail.
Register Kids for School 
Check your county’s school district website for zoning

Locate your Electric Panel & Main Water Shut Off Valve

Consider Changing Your Locks

Find Healthcare Providers and Transfer Medical Records